Dryrod® Coverage Calculator

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Dryrod Coverage Calculator
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Simple: Installation

Dryrod® video installation

Step 1: Preparation

Drill holes of 12mm diameter and 190mm depth along the lowest available mortar course at 120mm spacings.

Dryrod® eradicates damp.

Step 2: Installation

Remove the Dryrod® Damp-Proofing Rods from the foil packet and fully insert into the drilled holes.

Dryrod® eradicates damp.

Step 3: Eradication

The active ingredient contained within Dryrod® will spread and cure to form a permanent barrier to damp.

Replastering with Dryrod

Replastering & Dryrod®

Minimise the need to replaster with assured performance

Dryrod® represents Safeguard Europes latest development in Rising Damp treatment.

Dryrod® provides a highly effective damp-proof course even in saturated walls. This results in salts in the wall being less mobile and therefore less able to migrate further into the plaster. For this reason the use of Dryrod® allows more original plasterwork to be retained than would otherwise be the case.

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