Dryrod® Test Results & Certifications

Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods have been developed and tested by a variety of industry and academic professionals. The following reports and certifications provide reassurance of Dryrod’s effectiveness.

Safeguard Europe – Dryrod Development Report

Safeguard Europe is the developer, manufacturer and supplier of Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream. Dryzone, which was introduced in the year 2000, was the first damp-proofing cream available on the market. It is still the most effective and most highly tested damp-proofing cream.

Despite Dryzone’s continued success, the research and development laboratory at Safeguard Europe embarked on a 3 year intensive research programme to further increase the effectiveness of rising damp treatments.

This development report describes their analysis of damp-proofing creams, explains the concept of damp-proofing rods and shows the scientific testing regime that they were both subjected to. The results show that Dryrod is scientifically proven to outperform previous damp-proofing methods.

University of Portsmouth – Independent Evaluation of Dryrod

After the development of the Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods had been completed by the laboratory at Safeguard Europe, the Materials Science & Engineering department of the University of Portsmouth was invited to carry out its own independent testing.

Tests were arranged and performed by Dr Zhongyi Zhang, the principal lecturer of the department. Samples of brick and mortar were prepared and then treated with a high strength damp-proofing cream, a low strength damp-proofing cream and two different formulations of Dryrod. One sample was left untreated, as a control. The samples were then subjected to water absorption tests.

The results of the tests show that the samples treated with Dryrod absorbed far less water than the either the untreated, low strength cream treated or high strength cream treated sample. The conclusion states that Dryrod Damp-Proofing rods are the most effective treatment for rising damp in this test.

British Board of Agrément – Industry Certification after Testing

The British Board of Agrément is the UK's major authority offering approval and certification services to manufacturers and installers supplying the construction industry. It provides independent testing and certification on products and materials that are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers, and industry insurers like the NHBC.

After months of independent testing by their own laboratory, the BBA certified Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods as being fully compliant with all relevant building regulations and effective against the ingress of moisture for at least 20 years.

Our production methods were also reviewed and approved by the BBA. A thorough inspection of our site, from production of the product right through to the delivery, was conducted.

Further Technical Advice

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